WhatsApp Plus APK Download Latest Version 2023

When it comes to WhatsApp Mods, the best mod you must try is WhatsApp Plus. It is the best alternative to the official WhatsApp app. This app is viral and used by millions of users across the world. You can download the latest APK File from this article. You may have noticed in the recent updates of WhatsApp, that it focuses on the app’s core features and security. There are nothing new features added to the app. So, if you are interested in trying out those unique features, then this article is for you. I am personally using this mod for a long time, and trust me, I am fully satisfied with this app. It feels different while using it. You can easily impress your friends by showing them the exceptional features of WhatsApp Plus.

What is WhatsApp Plus?

It is the same app as WhatsApp, but its features and looks, and feel are the only difference. WhatsApp Plus Apk Download can also be called the modified (MOD Version) of the original WhatsApp app. This futuristic mod was developed by Rafalete, a senior member of XDA. He has changed the source code of the original WhatsApp APK, added new features, and released the mod version as WhatsApp Plus. It is an improved version of GB WhatsApp Pro. As this is a MOD version, you will not get this app in the Google Play Store. You have to download it from our website, and the third-party developers will provide all the updates, not the official developers of WhatsApp. You may have seen countless WhatsApp Mods available on the web, like GB WhatsApp Pro, FMWhatsApp, and Fouad WhatsApp. But the problem is trust; whatever APK we are providing comes directly from the official developers. So, you don’t have to worry about security and privacy. For your information, you must know that this App uses end-to-end encryption for communicating messages, and you will find every functionality from the original App. You are getting the Redesigned UI and handy features that you use in your day-to-day life.

Features of WhatsApp Plus APK

The internal structure of this App and WhatsApp is the same, and it has all the functionalities of the original App. We will tell you about the features that are new and worthy of mentioning.

Theme facility
This App allows users to choose themes, which are unique, versatile and appealing to eyes. The whole UI is customizable. You can select the color of text, buttons, and graphics. The original App does not allow any customization. That’s why this App provides ease for choosing the right visual appearance. There are more than 700 themes available in the App. And you do not have to download themes separately. This App downloads the themes by itself and arranges them by name, date, and version.

More emoticons
The original App has emoticons that make the conversation more emotional and real. But this App has added more emoticons to its collection. It has added the emoticons of Google Hangouts for better communication. But there is a catch. Only WhatsApp plus users can view the emoticons. If you send emoticon and receiver has the original App, then new emoticons will not show in the message.

Hiding options
The users of the original App were tired of other people getting them interrupted while seeing them online. That’s why WhatsApp plus introduced hiding option. You can hide your status from any person or group. This option produced new freedom within the domain of encrypted communication.

Advanced file sharing option
The original WhatsApp allows only files up to 16 MB, which causes intriguing tension among data distributors. This App enables file sharing up to 50 MB, which is convenient for users. Moreover, this App also provides file Customization from 2MB to 50MB. The advanced file sharing option is absent in the original App.

With this feature, you can delete all the unnecessary chat, clear chats, and all other extra stuff that you want to clean.

Recording Status:
Whatsapp Plus APK is designed with another great feature that helps you to hide your recording status from others.

This feature is only available for the Whatsapp Business Accounts, but Whatsapp Plus has come up with this feature to facilitate its users. So, by using this feature you can set and send an Auto-reply message to people you want.

Another incredible feature of this wonderful app is its unlimited Wallpapers. Everyone loves to set unique wallpapers on their wall and with this feature you can set amazing wallpaper on your chat screen.

History and Logs:
Whatsapp Plus APK has been designed with another awesome feature of History and Logs that was not offered by official Whatsapp. In this case, you can keep the record of every activity that is done on your account. This feature can be very beneficial for you in various ways.

Fonts and Styles:
Everyone wants to keep different types of styles of fonts and with this feature, you can get a variety of different colors, sizes, styles, and shapes of fonts.

This app allows the user to share the things in a way that Official Whatsapp does not support. It allows you to share HD quality images, videos longer than 30 seconds, 50 MB of video size, and 100 MB of Audio size.

Final Words

If you are looking for a new variety of themes and large file-sharing options, then WhatsApp plus might be the right fit for you. On the contrary, if you value your security over appearance, then WhatsApp plus might not satisfy you. So, you must weigh the pros and cons and then make a decision

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