How to Choose the Best Forex Broker

An FX broker serves as a mediator between you and the market, connecting buyers and sellers while also offering trading hours in multiple time zones.

LCG Brokerage Group provides competitive fees, an in-depth research platform, excellent customer service and offers demo accounts so customers can trade a range of currency pairs with high leverage.


Liquidity is one of the key determinants of whether or not a Forex broker is capable of providing competitive pricing and swift execution. Liquidity also allows them to offer access to various assets so clients can diversify their portfolios while expanding trading opportunities.

An ideal forex broker must offer a diverse selection of financial instruments, an established platform, and a transparent pricing model with flexible order execution types such as trailing stops or one-cancels-the-other (OCO). Furthermore, they should be licensed by an authoritative body and adhere to stringent trading standards.

IG Markets is an FCA-regulated FX and CFD brokerage firm offering an array of trading services and tools. Their range of assets, an efficient trading platform, as well as useful training sessions for beginners make IG Markets one of the world’s most reliable brokers.


Spreads are an integral component of trading costs when it comes to forex or CFDs, yet not all brokers provide identical spreads. A broker’s dealing spreads may be fixed or variable and can fluctuate according to liquidity and market events – for instance when trading the Yen, spreads are generally lowest during Tokyo session while time of day and news also impact them significantly.

Many brokers charge both a fixed or variable dealing spread as well as per-trade commission. When selecting your broker, these commissions should also be factored into your overall trading cost equation. Some low-spread brokers make money through both spreads and commissions while others may charge flat fees for every trade executed. A top broker should provide high-quality trading platforms along with educational materials so as to maximize trading profits and help maximize trading profits.

Trading platforms

Trading platforms are essential to successfully conducting trades and can dramatically change your experience. Advanced traders require high-tech platforms that are fast and user-friendly – for instance TD Ameritrade provides user-friendly site that organizes investments according to your interests while providing research and data that help make informed decisions.

An important consideration when choosing a forex broker is trading hours. Since global markets operate round the clock, you should find an international broker such as IG which offers services at times when you are free to trade. Their downloadable platforms enable trading various currency pairs and CFDs on over 17,000 markets with 24-hour phone support available six days per week as well as extensive educational resources and 24-hour support from six top regulators around the globe – plus they charge no commissions with competitive spreads!

Customer service

Customer service is of utmost importance in any forex broker. It can make or break the trading experience and ultimately their decision whether or not to continue trading with that broker. Traders can connect with brokers via various channels such as email, phone and live chat; brokers should respond swiftly to these requests from traders.

Customers appreciate it when their concerns are quickly and accurately addressed, while expecting high levels of professionalism from their brokers. An ideal customer support team for brokers would know the ins and outs of both their brokerage and financial markets, while being available 24/7 to address questions or resolve issues that arise.

The top brokers offer comprehensive customer support options, from non-invasive tools and live communication to non-intrusive means such as phone support. IG, for example, provides multiple ways of reaching them – phone, email and Twitter direct messages (DMs). Furthermore, they also provide educational materials and educational resources specifically targeted towards retail investors – making them a fantastic option in over 20 languages!

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