Water Soluble Film Suppliers

Water-soluble film suppliers offer eco-friendly packaging solutions that dissolve in both warm and cold water with no trace left behind. Water soluble films dissolve completely with no leftover residue behind.

Demand for detergents, laundry bags and agrochemicals has driven growth in this market for protective films. Furthermore, industrial workers needing protection from hazardous chemicals are driving growth.


Water soluble film market growth has been propelled by its chemical resistance, making it an ideal packaging material for powdered chemicals. Furthermore, its reduced waste and improved product safety contribute to its expansion as a market trend. With an expanding pharmaceutical sector expected to further boost demand for such films over time, market expansion should only accelerate further.

This report offers an in-depth breakdown and analysis of the global water soluble films market based on end use industries, such as textile, agriculture, healthcare and consumer goods. With nuclear families becoming more common and urbanization increasing rapidly, demand for single-use packs is driving market growth for water soluble film.

This report also presents an analysis of current competition within the market, providing a snapshot of key players. Furthermore, it presents a detailed Porter’s five forces analysis which helps assess potential new entrants, rivalries, supplier power and buyer power within it.

Food & Beverages

Awareness about plastic pollution has led consumers to seek eco-friendly products, further driving market expansion of water soluble films market. This trend can particularly be found within detergent industry where more manufacturers offer biodegradable detergents in order to minimize their carbon footprint.

Water soluble film has become an indispensable product within the chemical industry for protecting industrial workers from direct contact with hazardous substances, which has contributed to its surge in growth alongside government policies focused on green purchasing policies.

Kuraray Co. Ltd (Japan), Sekisui Chemical Co. Ltd (Japan), Arrow Greentech Ltd (India), and Cortec Corporation (US). This report offers a thorough competitive analysis, including market shares of leading players, key collaborations, mergers & acquisitions and innovation trends of leading players. Porter’s five forces analysis can assist in understanding how new entrants, competitive rivalry, supplier power and buyer power impact market growth.

Personal Care

Government efforts towards green procurement policies will likely drive demand for water-soluble film in personal care industry, leading to reduced packaging waste through single-use pouches for shampoo, conditioner and shaving cream that can then be filled via refillable bottles to save transportation emissions, save water usage and eliminate fillers ingredients.

NOHBO offers a natural, plant-based beauty pod formulated with Brontide, derived from renewable sugar fermentation that keeps formula fully enclosed until coming into contact with water. When combined with NOHBO’s biodegradable pod that can be recycled or composted easily, Brontide becomes an effective means for beauty brands looking to take steps toward becoming waste free.

Kuraray, a Japanese manufacturer of polyvinyl alcohol (poval) films, has been offering their MonoSol PVA water-soluble films to detergent companies as part of unit dose packaging for laundry detergents and disinfectants. They have also introduced this film for personal care products, agricultural chemicals, and food ingredients.


Water-soluble films are increasingly being utilized for unit dose packaging of detergents, disinfectants and washing powder to minimize plastic wastage and further the growth of water soluble film suppliers in powdered chemical packaging industry. With increased usage in powdered chemical packaging industry comes an increase in market growth for water soluble film suppliers in near future.

These water-soluble films are non-toxic and biodegradable, disintegrating into harmless components that can be recycled. You can dispose of them safely by disposing of them in rivers or rivulets without risk of environmental pollution.

Water-soluble films can be supplied on reel form slit to your specifications on 76mm cores in lengths of 500-1000mts depending on film thickness, and with hot or cold seal options suitable for a range of applications. Water-soluble film suppliers can offer various thicknesses and colours.

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