The Best Solar Power System Manufacturer

Solar consumers have hundreds of options when selecting the ideal manufacturer, from established firms with decades of experience to upstarts who focus on quality and value.

Key factors of our ranking include module quality (20%), efficiency rating and temperature coefficient (18%) and warranty performance (10%).

Hanwha Q CELLS

Hanwha Q CELLS is an award-winning solar panel manufacturer with premium-grade panels and an outstanding 25 year power warranty, and have received Tier 1 status by Bloomberg as proof of financial stability.

Hanwha Chemical Group of South Korea is a large chemical firm, and has established itself as a strong player in solar through their acquisition of German firm Q-cells in 2012. They currently rank second as panel suppliers in the US market.

Company products feature its innovative Q.ANTUM DUO Z technology with zero gap cell layout. This unique patent-protected solution increases module efficiency by 12% when compared to conventional monocrystalline and polycrystalline modules, as well as mitigating issues like PID and LID to increase durability and long term yield security.

Hanwha Q CELLS panels feature excellent shading tolerance, performing exceptionally in low light environments. Furthermore, their temperature behavior is enhanced through Q.ANTUM technology for even better temperature regulation – another reason Hanwha makes an excellent choice for roofs. Furthermore, Hanwha panels have a robust design to withstand snow loads up to 5400 Pa and wind speeds up to 4000 Pa; plus come equipped with industry leading 25 year product and performance warranties!


LONGi is one of the major Chinese manufacturers dominating Australian sales of solar power systems. Their solar modules, like their award-winning Hi-MO 5 series, are cost-effective yet offer cutting-edge photovoltaic technology. Longi has made significant advancements in solar cell efficiency over recent years through extensive research efforts that are clearly paying dividends.

Longi began as a monosilicon manufacturer in 2000 and produced ingots, wafers and cells before purchasing Lerri in 2014. Since then their capacity has steadily increased with Longi now owning most steps of their supply chain.

Osem is one of the largest Chinese manufacturers dedicated exclusively to producing solar panels, and they do it very effectively. Shipping large volumes, they offer a 12-year product warranty on their panels. Their Gallium treatment of their PERC cells, smart soldering technology and exclusive bifacial design means their solar panels have higher lifetime yield than standard mono modules.

Risen Energy

Risen Energy is a Chinese company that specialises in researching, designing, manufacturing and selling PV modules. Their products are known for their long lifespan and high performance, making them perfect for solar systems with their 15-year product warranties compared to standard 12-year ones.

Company headquarters are in China, while it maintains offices around the globe. Their products have been certified by international testing bodies such as PV Evolution Labs and DNV GL; such certifications provide important insight into quality.

The company also manufactures residential power backup products made using similar technology as their solar panels and with similar capacities – ideal for anyone hoping to lower their electricity bill and save money!

Trina Solar

Trina Solar is one of the world’s premier photovoltaic manufacturers, boasting global reach across 30 countries and regions. Established 21 years ago, they have shipped more than 121GW worth of PV modules globally since their start.

The company puts a heavy focus on research and innovation, which has resulted in numerous record-setting solar PV world records in cell and panel efficiency with particular emphasis on n-type technology. Furthermore, their supply chain management ensures minimal waste production and emissions.

Honey M and TallMax solar modules feature various features and power levels, offering 15-year product workmanship warranties and 25-year power warranties respectively.

Trina’s Vertex N series was recently recognized by PVEL as being among the “Top Performers”, earning dual EPD certification to ensure they are produced sustainably – this can be verified through tracking the product life cycle from raw material acquisition through manufacturing, installation, operation and disposal.

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