China Adhesive Manufacturers

Chinese engineering adhesives market is expanding quickly due to growing applications across multiple sectors – 5G, AI, new energy sources, electronics, automobiles, aerospace and flexible packaging are driving this growth.

Jowat SE from Detmold has established its Asia-Pacific Adhesive Center in China to close to their target market and strengthen their competitive edge, and become more efficient within this important market.

China is a large market for adhesives

China is one of the world’s largest markets for adhesives. Its large population and low costs have made it an attractive location for manufacturing activities and adhesive exportation, as well as being an economic powerhouse – leading to greater demand for high performance sealants, such as 5G, AI and automobile industries which will only further grow this market for adhesives in China.

Many top industry players from North America and Europe have opened production facilities in Asia Pacific in order to serve local customers more effectively, such as Henkel AG & Co. KgaA of Germany, 3M Company of USA and Arkema SA of France.

Wisdom Adhesives Worldwide manufactures water-based, solvent-based, hot melt and dry blended adhesive products using custom and contract blending for both custom labeling as well as private labeling services. In addition, Wisdom offers engineering services and testing. Founded in 1875 and with offices located across North America as well as in several international locations – Wisdom is considered the longest continuously operating adhesives manufacturer worldwide.

Chinese adhesive manufacturers focus on research and development

Over recent years, China’s engineering adhesive industry has experienced rapid expansion. By 2012, there were approximately 300 engineering adhesive manufacturers across China that can compete with well-established companies on certain market segments while simultaneously serving as import substitutes.

China has long prioritized environmental sustainability, leading them to develop eco-friendly adhesive products like cyanoacrylate adhesives with lower VOC emissions than traditional solvent-based ones and less harmful effects on the environment.

Chinese adhesive manufacturers have also been making strides toward developing cold seal adhesives for flexible packaging applications, from snacks and candy retorts to human and pet food retorts. This innovation can help manufacturers achieve sustainable and profitable growth over the long-term, as Chinese manufacturers focus on meeting customer demands through R&D activities aimed at meeting higher quality, lower cost products with shorter production cycles that ensure they stay competitive in global marketplaces.

Chinese adhesive manufacturers are competitive in the global market

The global adhesives market is anticipated to experience fast growth due to rising demand from multiple industries, such as building and construction, packaging, automotive & transportation and consumer applications. Demand has increased with rapid urbanization, rising economic growth in emerging markets and increased housing construction activity worldwide. Europe offers significant opportunity due to stringent environmental regulations driving demand for green adhesives which should help propel growth in this market segment.

North American electronics markets have experienced growth thanks to rising consumer demand for electronic devices and government investments in infrastructure projects. Geopolitical tensions and acts of violence/terrorism may negatively impact these markets;

Chinese adhesive manufacturers are excelling at competing on a global stage. Through an emphasis on research and development, low production costs, and stringent quality controls, they have built up an impressive presence within the industry.

Chinese adhesive manufacturers have a strong presence in China

Recently, Chinese adhesive manufacturers have expanded rapidly due to increased global demand. Companies have made great strides in research and development efforts, becoming more globally competitive while investing in advanced technologies for growth.

Henkel offers products for construction, transportation and metal industries including hot melt adhesives such as olefin-EVA hot melt adhesives and pressure sensitive adhesives made with pressure sensitive adhesive technology (PSA) as well as polyurethane resins. Franklin International manufactures wood furniture and millwork adhesives as well as industrial/construction adhesives, paper packaging lamination adhesives and engineering lamination adhesives.

Stringent regulations and mounting concerns over the environmental impacts of solvent-based adhesives have led to an upsurge in demand for hot-melt adhesives, which use renewable plant-based ingredients and are specially formulated to minimize pollution. They’re cost-effective yet offer high performance; in addition, their use makes handling safer as they don’t need large curing furnaces for application or curing.

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