Production function and its different types

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The production function is generally defined as the mathematical relationship between the input and the output of the finished product at the time of production. In simple words, it is a gallery combination of four-factor land, labour, enterprise and capital that entails the maximum production of goods within a given time frame.

Price and output level are the two factors on which this function depends upon. But when it comes to producing any product every manufacturing company can easily convert their input into outputs, the main aim of these factors is to maximise the profit of the organisation by reducing the cost of production. Hence it is important for firms to know which they require output in order to produce the good at said price. Not only this now lets us have a quick view about what are the different types of production functions.

Types Of Production Functions

  When it comes to the production function then is further divvied into two parts. Moreover, you can have details of these two through  Production Function Managerial Assignment Services Online and know about them . Have a look at the listed discussed function .


 Long Run

 Under this, all the inputs seem to be variable for a certain period of time. These include labour or raw materials. Hence the operation of the firm becomes flexible as all input variables are changed according to their requirement. The entry and exit of the firm are free under this production function due to the low barrier.

Short Run

The short-run production function prohibits the company from changing the quantity of its inputs. Here, it becomes relevant to use the law of variable proportion.  Under this, only one input varies and others remain constant. Moreover, the entry and exit of firms restrict under this.

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