GB WhatsApp Download APK for Android (Official) Latest 2023

WhatsApp GB is the version that originated from the original version of Whatsapp. This enhanced version of whatsapp gb APK will give you access to the features that are not present in the original version. This application allows you to do your online business on it because it has a lot of features that support your business to increase. You can get a lot of features like anti-revoke messages, filter messages, double Accounts, freeze your last seen, anti-delete messages and statuses, hide your online status, no crashing issues, and many more. Furthermore, this version is more convenient for use with its user-friendly interface. Many other features are present in this version but are absent in the original one such as multiple fonts, 4000+ themes, access and control of long files, DND mod, fully customized interface, auto-reply, and many more. This application is free to download and free to use, you don’t have to pay for it. All these exciting features will be at your fingerprint when you download this application to your Android mobile.

What Is WhatsApp GB APK?

WhatsApp GB is a WhatsApp that allows you to make your WhatsApp account more advanced than others. This application offers you many enhanced features that will make this app more demanding. This application can solve most of the problems that you face in the official version of WhatsApp. In the official version, you are not able to see deleted messages or statuses but this application allows you to do so. In the official version, you are bound to react with only 5 emojis on your messages but this app allows you to react with your own emoji. This application provides its users with a complete package of interesting features that will help them a lot. This version of gb whatsapp download is the most demanding version all around the world because it supports multiple languages. With this feature, you can translate messages into more than 50+ languages directly from the chat.

Features of GB WhatsApp APK

A lot of features are explained above but I’m going to describe more features of GB WhatsApp that are given below.
Hide Chats of Contacts and Groups
This application allows you to hide the chats of your contacts and groups easily. If you are facing such issues that you don’t want others to see your group chats or a contact chat then you can hide it on this application.
Freeze Your Last Seen
You can freeze your last seen forever in this application by turning on the freeze last seen option. For example, if you freeze your last seen at 2:30 Am then your last will always be shown to your contacts as 2:30 Am even if you’re online or offline it doesn’t matter. If you don’t want others to see you online then turn on the freeze last seen option.
Hide Recording and Typing Status
This application also allows you to hide your recording and typing status while you are chatting with others. This will keep your chatting contact more confused and curious.
Hide Blue Tick and Double Tick
You can also hide your delivered double tick and blue tick after seeing messages. As you all know, when you send a message on WhatsApp it shows a single tick ( message forwarded), double ticks (message delivered), and blue ticks (message seen). This version allows you to hide double ticks and blue ticks easily while you are chatting with others.
Show Blue Ticks After the Reply
This application also allows you to show the blue ticks not after you saw the message but when you replied to it. This is an amazing feature your contacts will not bother you to reply fast.
Anti-delete Messages and Status
With this amazing feature, you can see deleted messages and statuses easily. This application gives you a second chance to see the deleted messages and status. While you are chatting with your friends and family and they delete the message from both sides, don’t worry at all if you are a whatsapp gb apk user. This application allows you to read these messages clearly without any difficulty.
Four Thousand plus Themes
This version of WhatsApp gives you access to the wonderful world of themes. This app has a collection of 4000+ themes, you can choose between them your favorite themes.
Export Chats
If you want to share your chats with anyone then you can do this on this application. Because this application allows you to share the chats with anyone you want. You can make a file of this chat and can share it with your contacts.

Outstanding Effects
This application gives you access to amazing effects for your pictures and videos. You can add these effects to them before sending them to your contacts. This is an amazing feature because if you’re not comfortable with the effects of your pics and videos then you can change them easily.
Voice Changer
This application allows you to use at least 10 types of languages to voice messages. These are the Deep voice, Baby voice, Teenager voice, Robot voice, Funny voice, Fast voice, Underwater voice, Deep voice, Slow Motion voice, Reverse voice, and Drunk voice.
Create Your Own Theme
This application gives you a chance to create your own theme by using your skills. You can create a theme according to your taste if you don’t like the themes that are provided to you in the version.
Bulk Sender
If you are planning a prank with your friends and the message will be sent to your friends in one click then this app allows you to do so. You can send a message to your lot of contacts at a time with the bulk sender feature of this app.
Collection of Stickers & Wallpapers
This application gives you access to a great collection of wallpapers and stickers. You can select your favorite stickers and wallpapers from this collection. There are 90 wallpapers available in the official version, but in this application, you are not bound to only 90 wallpapers.
App Lock Feature
There is another fantastic feature that this application offers the app lock feature. With this feature, you can lock this app completely. Your chats, groups, and contact information are secured now.
Password for Each Contact
You can individually set the password for each contact of your contact list. This is an outstanding feature that helps you to secure your contacts from others.
Filter Messages Feature
Another amazing feature of this app is filter messages. This feature allows you to delete your messages easily. This feature filters your messages from a chat that you want to delete.
Download Status
This application allows you to download the status of others that you want. There is no need to ask for status from others; you can download it directly.

Final Words

The best mod for WhatsApp is gb whatsapp download apk. You can enjoy a lot of features after switching from WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp. It is also possible to see the deleted messages from the sender, hide their online statuses, the second & blue tick of messages, and download statuses. You can give any of its 4000+ themes a new look every day with its customizable UI. The chats of each contact are protected by a unique password. WhatsApp GB Download is amazing, isn’t it? Let us know what you think & what you think about it in the comments. We appreciate you taking the time to visit this post & hope you keep coming back.

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