How to Draw Demon Slayer Easily

Draw Demon Slayer

How to Draw Demon Slayer. When it comes to manga and anime, there are so many unique concepts, and many of them are fantastic and exciting. The setup for the Demon Slayer series is no exception.

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This series follows teenager Tanjiro Kamado who becomes a demon hunter after an attack by a demonic version of his sister costs him his family.

It’s an action-packed and stylish series with many unforgettable characters and moments. If you are a fan of the series, you may have wondered how to draw Demon Slayer.

If you’ve always wanted to find out, you’ve come to the right place! This guide will show you how to draw this famous character in just 6 steps.

Not only do we show you how to draw Tanjiro in a relaxed pose, but we also show you how to colorize your creation. We’ll also look at some ways you can complement the design.

This includes adding a background and other characters to the design. All that comes before you in the guide, so prepare for some drawing fun!

Let’s figure out how to create your Demon Slayer drawing without further ado.

How to Draw Demon Slayer

Step 1

When drawing people, even in cartoon or anime style, the more dynamic the pose, the harder it becomes. You’ll notice that this drawing of Demon Slayer is in a dynamic pose, so that it will be tricky.

Artists often use a light pencil to break down a drawing into simple shapes to plan, and you can too. Getting the proportions right is the hardest part of drawing a person in any style.

You can simplify this by looking at the final images of this guide and breaking them down into simple shapes like an oval for the head and a rounded rectangle for the body, and so on.

In this case, try to push down as lightly as possible with the pencil to make it easier to erase later. That said, now we can draw the demon slayer’s head.

His face is quite angular, with sharp points on his chin and jawline. You will notice that her hair is quite prominent on her head. It is curvy and wavy and flows back to show she is moving forward.

If you are using a shape to plan his head, a squat oval would be best, and you can divide it into two sections, the face, and the hair.

Now that we’ve drawn his head, we can focus on adding his facial features in the next step.

Step 2

When it comes to manga and anime characters, they often have basic facial features. However, this character’s facial features are more detailed than some others.

Again, you can prepare for these facial features by planning them. Another thing artists sometimes do draw some crosses over the face shape.

You can do this with two slightly curved lines crossing each other. The vertical line should be in the middle of the face.

You can position it so the nose follows this line as you draw. In this case, the vertical line should be more on the right side of the face.

The horizontal line goes where the eyes are drawn. Once you have these lines, start building the face using simple lines and shapes so that you know where to place them.

Remember to use a very light pen or push the pen to the page very lightly. Now we can draw the exact details of the face.

His eyes are quite large and round, rounder than other anime characters. His nose and mouth are small on his face and are drawn with a few simple, tiny lines.

This character also has a signature mark on the top right of his face so that you can add that in this step, and it’ll be drawn with a few jagged lines.

Finally, she has big rectangular earrings on her ears with lovely details. Now that his head is ready, we can start adding his body to the next step of the tutorial.

Step 3

Tanjiro wears a flowing jacket coat in this picture, which we will draw in this step. He also wields his sword in this pose, which we will also depict.

These poses are a lot easier if you plan them out first. Because his jacket is so flowy, it cannot be easy to figure out where his body is under the fabric.

Try to visualize it as you draw; getting a little lost in the pose can be easy. We’re going to draw a sizeable rectangular sleeve for his right arm.

This will end up with a reasonably large crest. His shirt sleeve will come out of the larger end of this sleeve than the jacket and will be very thin compared to the jacket.

His hand will be at the end of that thinner sleeve. The sword’s design is quite simple, consisting of a thin rectangular hilt that holds it and the blade itself.

The blade has a very slight curve but is pretty straight. As you can see in the reference image, it is behind his head in this pose since he is in the middle of the swing.

With her torso drawn, the next step is to add the rest of the outline.

Step 4

Now in this fourth step of the guide, we can finish the outline of the body of this Demon Slayer drawing. First, let’s draw the small part of his shirt that we can see under his jacket.

This can be drawn with slightly wavy lines and a reasonably small section. Then we will see how his other arm sticks out.

This other arm extends from the chest area and has an equally flowing jacket sleeve and a thinner shirt sleeve that sticks out.

His hand is extended in a simple pose at the end of his shirt sleeve. Next we draw his pants.

To create the effect of him in this mid-swing pose, we’ll position his legs accordingly. The left leg is straightened while the right one is bent.

Just like the jacket, the contour of the pants will be pretty loose and flowy. The left leg is drawn in a rounded rectangular shape, while the right one is slightly more rounded.

Next, we’ll add his boots to the legs. You can assume the boots are drawn with some straight lines, but we will make them bumpy and uneven.

Once these are drawn, you can erase any pencil lines you may have drawn to plan out the drawing, as we no longer need them.

Step 5

The minor details can bring a drawing to life, and we will add a lot in this fifth step. First, let’s add some spiky shapes to the outline of the hair.

You’ll soon see why we add these inner outlines when we add the colors later. Next, add a line down the middle of the sword blade.

The sword’s hilt has a diamond pattern, which you can add now. His jacket has a grid pattern, and drawing it can be tricky.

This is because we need to consider the flow of matter. We recommend that you follow the reference image closely when drawing.

Don’t forget to attach the grille to the arm sticking to the right. Next, add some details, like the buckle to the belt.

For his pants, we will add many smooth, curved lines to recreate the look of the crumpled fabric. The lines on the toes of her boots will also add some texture.

Finally, add subtle shapes near the toes to make it look like the base of her shoes are sandals. Once you’ve added all those details, you’re ready for the final step!

Before moving on to the final step, add any details you would like to the design.

Adding a background to recreate your favorite Demon Slayer scene complements the design. If you have other favorite characters from the series, add them!

Step 6

In this last step of our guide on drawing Demon Slayer, we will focus on the colors to complete the design. Its design is a bit muted, with brown and green being the primary colors.

However, there are some subtleties in the colors. You’ll notice it on her hair, so we drew a separate section inside the main line.

The outer part of her hair will be a lighter brown, while the inner part will be a little darker. This kind of subtlety helps make the character more dynamic.

We will then use a reddish brown for most of his clothing items, including his shirt and pants. Again, you can use different shades to add dynamic hues to her clothes.

Gray is used for elements such as his sword blade and belt. His jacket has a grid, and the squares of that grid alternate between light green and dark brown.

With these colors, you have a faithful representation of the character! When adding color to your drawing, try to use the most compelling artistic medium for the job.

It can be helpful to use artistic mediums you are familiar with but don’t be afraid to use others you are less familiar with, as it can be fun to experiment.

Your Demon Slayer Drawing is Finished!

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