The Overview of the Australian healthcare industry

The Australian healthcare system comes 32nd in the world in terms of efficiency. The country has the best quality hospitals, innovative diagnostic solutions, good testing facilities, etc. Since it is a massive country with a considerable number of people living there, it sometimes becomes challenging to provide excellent healthcare services to each individual. Especially those who live in rural regions get access to limited healthcare options. To know more on this topic, search Australia assignment help, and get the information. Medicare is the provider of public healthcare in Australia. It is a program that takes care of all the country’s citizens. Everything from appointment to treatment is accessed under one roof. It takes a very low or no fee.

The Primary Health Networks, or the PHNs, are there to enhance the country’s healthcare system. There are a total of 31 PHNs in Australia. They support doctors, hospitals, healthcare professionals, and community health programs. They also help in coordinating activities among different parts.

Is the Australian healthcare system free?

Your eligibility for free healthcare services in Australia depends on your status. The citizens and permanent residents can avail of free or cheap services. The tax Medicare Levy where the citizens have to pay 2% of their income as funds to the public healthcare system. Which results in no payment or payback of the payment. With the help of Medicare, you can avail of medicines at a discounted price. Students search for `assignment help services in Australia to get more information on the healthcare industry. People from other countries living in Australia must pay for their medical requirements. They can choose to pay a reduced amount in the Medicare Levy.

Pros and Cons of the System

Most people invest in private health insurance policies despite an excellent public healthcare system. The government tells the people earning well to have private health insurance. If they choose not to do so, they must pay more charges in the Medicare Levy, which comes out to be an additional 1-1.5% of their income with the base 2%. Private healthcare services tend to increase with the age of people. For more assignment writing help on this topic, search for the services. The cost of insurance policies is directly proportional to people’s ages. For example, if you have crossed the age of 30, you are liable to pay the extra amount of 2% till the first ten years of insurance coverage. People also get additional incentives to sign up for the premium covers of private health insurance. Compared to the public healthcare system, you get more benefits in the private system.

Eligibility criteria for Australian healthcare

The access to public healthcare services is only accessible to people who are citizens of Australia, are permanent residents, or are on a work visa from a particular region. Get do my assignment on this topic. Australia performs a reciprocal set-up with countries such as Norway, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, Finland, Belgium, Slovenia, Malta, Italy and the Netherlands. The citizens of these countries can avail of the services even without a permanent residence.

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