What is climate vulnerability and how is it threatening to the world?

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The word vulnerability represents the state of being fragile and easily destroyable. Climate vulnerability is a major topic of concern throughout the world. Students from different universities are handling research for the same. They can take help through several essay writing help with experts that understand the topic with utmost knowledge of it. Climate risk generally occurs due the actions procured by humans or any race. Interchangeably, both the social system and climate are dependent on each other.

What triggers the change of climate?

The major contributors of climate damage are gas, coal and oil as they emit 75 per cent of greenhouse gases and 90 per cent of CO2 imbursement. Certainly, the greenhouse gases acts as a covering above the earth’s surface which absorbs the sun’s heat. This, apparently, leads to the process of Global Warming. This has become a topic of intolerance and universities has begun to educate the students about climate crisis through different types of research. The students can take help from various essay writing services as they help in easy completion of the research.

Who is in charge of climate change?

According to different researchers, no person can be blamed for climate change. They claim that the concept of industrialization holds the responsibility for the same. The Industrial Revolution brought an abrupt change in the climate. All the industrialists are producing the products and the rest of the population is consuming it. Apparently, every individual is somewhere responsible for the crisis. Want help with the research of this topic? Take help from essay writing service and seek the knowledge from the experts themselves.

Steps that could be taken to reverse climate change

The UNFCC issued an article on World Earth Day to increase awareness on how small steps can actually cause a major difference on climate crisis. The change in climate has a different effect on every group of individuals. Some people never face the difficulties while others have to face the street and it harms their life on a large scale. Some of the steps included in the article were:

Stopping excessive usage of cars as it has a very crucial role in carbon dioxide emissions and people can instead use bicycle or public transport for replacing it.

Less flying on airplanes, as we are aware that planes work on fossil fuels and aviation sector globally contributes in 2.4 per cent of total CO2 emission.

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