What are the phases of web development to build any website?

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We often get confused between web development and web design to be the same. Wherein web development is involved in creating a web design, web programming, web publishing and data management. Web development is classified into frontend development and backend development. It basically intends to create and maintain web applications and websites that run on the internet. Assignment help pro will make it easier for you to understand the subject with their resources. The information provided in their resources is to the point and does not include any irrelevant information.

After the web designer is ready with the design and content the resources are handed over to the web developer. However, to develop any website working as a web developer you will need to follow certain phases in developing the website. Mentioned below are a few of the phases-

  • Website building

Along with your team, you will have to select the right technology and tools for creating the homepage and the structure of the interior pages. Later with the sectional interior pages, you will have to work with the web designing team to arrange the contents and visuals as per the requirements.

  • Testing

It is important to check for broken links, the speed of the website, and compatibility with various browsers and search engines of the website. This is the responsibility of a web developer and you may need to make changes or repair it if it shows any error. Finally, after the completion and manual testing you can decide with your clients to launch the website.

  • Site maintenance

The website may sometimes deal with bugs and other issues, it will be your responsibility to fix them. Since the profession entails technical experts, you will have to be proficient in editing the content, adding new content and installing plugins. Good knowledge of updating UX and SEO is also expected from you to develop a seamless website.

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What are the common differences between a web designer and a web developer?

As mentioned earlier, web designing and web development are two different professions with different motives. They may work with the same platform but they are not the same. A few differences that would clear your confusion between the two are-

  • In web designing, you will have to prepare the visuals present on a website and structure the contents on it. Usually, web designers make use of tools such as Photoshop and InVision studio for designing layouts of websites. If you are interested you can also learn HTML, Javascript and other programming languages that are used in web development.
  • On the other hand, web developers are also known as programmers whose work is to translate wireframes and mock-ups. Javascript, HTML, CSS, SASS, LESS and jQuery are some of the tools you need to be proficient in web development. As a web developer, you will be involved in creating color schemes, fonts, audio-video content and other required elements for the website.

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