What is a web design and what do the important phases of a web design include?

Web designing is the process of developing a plan, conceptualizing and putting into functions in the plan for designing and creating a website. A web design is constructed in a way that can offer a good experience for the users. Web designing involves all the elements that are beneficial for a user experience. Web designers aim to provide simple and efficient functions in the designed websites for the users.

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Web designers develop a website according to the phases for providing an organized and easy-to-use website. The phases of web designing involve coordination with other professionals with the same background. Some crucial web designing phases are-

  • Project definition

For creating a project definition, you need to cooperate with the clients, management team and development team. Together you will discuss the need for the website, and its aim and identify the competitors along with the target audience.

  • Project scope

A project has to plan what it is going to deliver and within how much time it is going to complete. You also need to prepare the project acknowledging the client’s expectations. For developing accountability between the web design team and the clients most stakeholders use the Gantt chart.

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  • Site architecture and wireframes

You may have to create blueprints with the help of sitemaps and wireframes of the web pages. In wireframes, you will find a clear view of the planned content and useful information designed in a hierarchical manner.

  • Visual design

Immediately after the blueprint approval, you can design the visual styles of the website along with the company’s brand. You will also have to keep in notice that the designs match the other communication requirements set by the company.

  • Content creation

The website cannot be vacant and it has to be informative for the users. You can include information about the company, landing pages, product and service descriptions, testimonials, anchor texts, blog posts and videos. Your company can either hire content designers or in-house content writers for completing the website.

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