ShengShou 17*17 Review

Shengshou is a Chinese manufacturer that focuses on larger speed cubes. They first became famous for their high-quality 4×4 cube. They have since expanded and now offer a wide variety of high-quality puzzles.

The ShengShou 17*17 is a massive puzzle with 1947 individual pieces and a total of 123mm edge length! It weighs over 1kG and turns extremely smooth.

2. ShengShou 9×9

ShengShou has a great reputation for producing reliable and quality big cubes. Their latest release, the ShengShou 9×9, is no exception to this.

This puzzle turns smoothly right out of the box, and even comes with factory lubrication. It’s a good choice for beginners, and one that can be enjoyed by experienced solvers alike.

3. ShengShou 6×6

ShengShou is a very well known company and they are excellent at creating affordable quality cubes. The 6×6 is their most popular big cube but there are many other great options out there as well!

Shengshou is a good budget speed cube that rarely locks up and has a nice feel to it. However I wouldn’t recommend this for serious speed cubing.

4. ShengShou 5×5

ShengShou makes some of the best stickerless budget 5×5 puzzles on the market. Their top of the line model is the Gigamorphix, which is a five layered morphix that’s definitely worth a look.

It’s also one of the fastest cubes on the market, and a good way to get started in the world of speedcubers. It’s also the most fun to solve, with a good number of tricks up its sleeve.

5. ShengShou 4×4

ShengShou (traditional/simplified Chinese: pinyin: shengshou, pronounced SHENG-shoo) is a Chinese company that first became widely known after the release of their high-quality 4×4 cube.

Shengshou has been making a number of affordable quality cubes recently, and they’re a great choice for beginners. They offer excellent corner cutting and speed at a great price point. They’re also quieter than most other cubes, so they’re ideal for learning on!

6. ShengShou 3×3

ShengShou is a Chinese cube company that produces some of the best-made large cubes on the market. The ShengShou Legend 3×3 is one of their latest creations and it has the quality moves to match.

ShengShou first released a magnetic 3×3 in 2012 and it’s still going strong today. It features vibrant stickerless shades and a unique bumpy texture on the exterior.

7. ShengShou 2×2

ShengShou is a Chinese company that produces quality cubes. Their Legend 2×2 Stickerless is an affordable new 2×2 speedcube with great movements.

ShengShou also produces a budget magnetic 2x2x2 which has a light magnetic feel and frosted exterior. It’s a great first 2×2 speedcube for beginners. It’s not as quiet as the ShengShou Wind, but it still does the trick. It also has good corner-cutting.

8. ShengShou 1×1

ShengShou is a Chinese cube maker that makes high-quality, large-sized puzzles. They have a number of popular puzzles and are often sought after by collectors. ShengShou has released several different cubes including the ShengShou 1×1 in 2016 and the ShengShou 17*17 in 2020. These cubes are one of the easiest to solve but can be hard to get your hands on.

Please be sure to update this page if you know any more information about ShengShou cubes.

9. ShengShou 1×2

ShengShou is a Chinese company that first became known for their high-quality 4×4 cube. They have since expanded and offer a variety of affordable quality cubes. They are a good brand for beginners as well as speedcubing enthusiasts. They also have a Magic Cube series. Check out their website for more information!

ShengShou Magic Snake is a mind teaser puzzle that can be twisted and shaped into a variety of different shapes.

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