How does an astronomer make research possible in a real life?

astronomer make research possible in a real life

An astronomer is a scientist who studies the universe more intensely. The astronomer has to observe the planetary system and understand space and the human relationship with the cosmos. Studying astronomy is not an easy job as it requires you to be quite knowledgeable about science. Assessment help will provide you with plenty of topics on science like theories, principles, scientific laws, scientific machines, etc. You may ask them to prepare your assignments based on the topics you are interested in or find difficult to understand.

  • As an astronomer for conducting your research, you need to work closely with other professionals who have earlier experience. Together with them, you may have to discuss the design and development of the research and find solutions accordingly.
  • Observation is your primary responsibility as you gather data from it and further use them for inventing new instruments and software. These instruments have a significant role in preparing satellites, rockets and telescopes which are operated in space and other space programs.
  • Astronomers need to test theories based on their personal analysis. You will have to visit laboratories and space agencies to test your experiments before you launch them.
  • Research and experiments do not take place easily, for making them possible you need to prepare proposals and apply for research grants from the higher authorities.
  • Also, writing articles and papers will make your reach high, and scientists may want to collaborate with you for any innovations.

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astronomer make research possible in a real life

What are the various fields of astronomy one can choose as specializations?

The discipline of astronomy is a diverse one that gives more emphasis on the use of radio, optical and space-based telescopes to study space objects and its phenomenon. Some of the classifications of astronomy are-

  • Planetary astronomy- In planetary astronomy, you get to discover new planets and study more about the known planets.
  • Stellar astronomy- In the field of stellar astronomy you will study the stars and the phenomena related to them. For example black holes, pulsars, white dwarfs and nebulae.
  • Solar astronomy-Solar astronomy aims to observe the solar system which also encompasses the atmosphere, storms and magnetic fields.
  • Galactic astronomy- Working as a galactic astronomer you will have to examine galaxies such as the Milky Way, Andromeda Galaxy, Virgo A, Cygnus A, etc.
  • Cosmology- Cosmology is the study of the universe where you learn about the formation of the universe, its nature, origin and potential evolution.
astronomer make research possible in a real life

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