Top 5 7×7-Speed-Cubes


The 7×7-speed-cube is one of the most popular types of puzzles on the market. These cubes have a number of qualities that make them excellent for speedsolving such as smooth corner cutting and fewer lockups and pop-ups.

The first 7×7-speed-cube was invented by Panagiotis Verdes and patented under the name V-Cube 7. Since then, this type of puzzle has been manufactured in a similar style by many other companies.

QiYi X-Man Design Spark 7×7 M

The QiYi X-Man Design Spark 7×7 M is one of the most highly anticipated cubes to hit the market in early 2019. This new stickerless entry level 7×7 has a smaller and lighter construction that makes it extremely stable, reliable, and easy to turn.

This cube is very fast and feels really smooth, with a nice buttery quiet sound to it. It also has very strong magnets that make it quite controllable and stable.

It also has corner cutting that is pretty good for a 7×7. It is a little bit more prone to pop ups than other 7x7s but it does not have as many.

The X-Man Spark 7×7 M has been designed specifically with speed solving in mind. It has a slightly smaller and lighter construction that makes it exceptionally stable, reliable, and easy to turn.

YJ YuFu V2 M

The YJ YuFu V2 M is an impressive looking 7×7 cube with a solid build quality and a reasonable price tag. The main highlight is its magnetic mechanism which subtly improves stability and overall puzzle performance. The YJ is a must have in any serious speed cubers collection, and is the perfect gift for those who are looking to stretch their brains.

The big 7×7 is the most popular cube on the market and YJ has hit the nail on the head with the V2 model. This is the first fully magnetized aforementioned model to hit the shelves, and is sure to be the talk of the town.

There are a few other notable 7×7-speed-cubes in the same price range, but this one is certainly the ottame, especially considering it has magnets factory installed. The YJ is the only 7×7 on our list which boasts a full set of magnets, including a large central one. The aforementioned magnets are a must have for any serious 7×7 enthusiast.

ShengShou Mr. M

ShengShou is the latest entrant in the speed cube industry and has a great line up of budget friendly, high quality puzzles. They also offer an impressive array of speed gimmicks in their arsenal including the Mr. M 3×3 and the Mummy 4×4.

ShengShou has a reputation for making the shinier spherical spinners and the like, but it’s their newer 7×7-speed-cubes that have caught our eye with the patented frosted stickerless surface and primary internals synonymous with their more expensive cousins. ShengShou’s latest is a speedy flier, the best part about this puzzle is that it won’t break the bank. It’s a real keeper and a worthy addition to any solver’s collection!

The ShengShou Mr. M is the tiniest of its kind and features a slick textured stickerless surface with some very interesting secondary internals thrown into the mix for good measure. As a 7×7 speed cube it’s the most difficult of ShengShou’s offerings and we haven’t come across any problems so far, although some users have reported that they might have solved it with more effort than others.

MoYu Meilong

The MoYu Meilong M is a budget friendly speed cube that is perfect for beginners who are on a tight budget. It is lightweight, stickerless and features bright colors. It is a great choice for people who are new to solving cubes, and it can also be used as an advanced solver’s cube.

The Meilong M has a convex surface, which is great for a quick hold and helps prevent pieces from popping out. It also has a reasonably magnet layout and smooth turning, which is good for competitions.

The MFJS Meilong M is another low-budget magnetic 3×3 that has strong magnets that enhance the speed of rotation, control and stability. It is also lightweight and features a stickerless matte surface finish. The Meilong M is a very affordable option for anyone looking for a quality 3×3 puzzle, and it’s sure to satisfy even the most seasoned solver. It is also an excellent choice for beginners, as it offers a medium/light magnetic feel at a fraction of the cost of other magnetic 3x3s.

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