Things to Consider for Girls Hostel in Lahore

The trend of education among girls is getting improved. Unlike past, people prefer to educate their girls for a better future. In past, the girl’s education was not taken seriously by her parents. Girls Hostel in Lahore was allowed to study until the nearby availability of schools and colleges, whereas boys were forced to study in different cities. Now, people have realized the fact girls’ education is a way to prosperity. There must not be any gender discrimination in education. Every individual has an equal right to get abandoned with knowledge. One step towards education is considered a step up from poverty. The main reason behind poverty in underdeveloped countries is the lack of education among women.

Girls must be given equal rights to attain their life mission and choose their careers rather than sitting at home and waiting for their men to feed them with necessities. There are several renowned universities and colleges in Lahore for girls. Some collage and universities have hostel facilities but for some, you have to look for hostels in Lahore. There is many girls’ hostel in Lahore that provides a safe and secure environment for girls. If you are looking to study in Lahore and want to live in a Lahore girl’s hostel look for the best girl’s hostel in Lahore. There are many girls’ hostels in different areas near universities and colleges like girls’ hostels in Muslim Town etc.

Purpose of Girls Hostel in Lahore:

Girl’s hostel in Lahore is a place that offers safe and secure accommodation to girls at economical fees. Some hostel in Lahore provides added benefits such as fitness and mess facilities also. You can stay fit and healthy there and can maintain a healthy lifestyle just like in your own home.  Hostel life demonstrates various life lessons, such as how to survive individually without depending on others, how to interact with the outside world without any support, awaken the self of responsibility in you, teaches your discipline and time management, enhance the power of teamwork, etc. mostly Lahore Girls Hostel is under management and supervision of a proper team who take care of all your responsibilities.

In hostels usually, students share bedrooms and bathrooms which promotes unity in them. While sharing your personal living space you engrave a sense of responsibility as you have to take care of all your belongings. There is as such no personal privacy or my time in hostels, you have to interact with your roommates and hostel mates daily.

There are many girls’ hostels in Muslim town that provides you with fully furnished hostel room with all the latest technologies such as television, fridge, AC, geezer, etc.

Difference between hostel life and home life:

There is a marked difference between home life and hostel life. Both own various sets of pros and cons. Not every girl has to go to a hostel to pursue her education but some girls who don’t have better education opportunities in their nearby area move towards the hostel life. Listed below are the points that differentiate both lives:

  • Rule and regulations:

Every girl’s hostel in Lahore has to follow some strict rules and regulations. A warden is present outside the gate 24/7 who ensures that all girls must follow the rules to lead a disciplined life. For instance, some hostels have entry and exit times, no girls can go out after the exit time is over. Moreover, the warden has a keen eye on students living in the hostel, he will not allow any unauthorized person to enter unless they get permission from the administration first.

However, there is as such no strict timing followed at home. Although there are some rules set by the parents they are a bit flexible.

  • Wi-Fi and internet:

Mostly there are no such internet facilities in the hostel. For various projects, students have to buy internet devices or use mobile data. Some hostels may have internet facilities but students can use the internet with fixed timing. Whereas at home there is as much no limitation of internet use. If you don’t have any tests or homework you can even use the internet the whole day without any issues.

  • Food choice:

In the hostel mess the schedule for the whole week is already mentioned. You don’t have the option to alter the menu. In case you don’t like something you either have to buy something from outside or cooked yourself. On the other hand in homes, you are blessed with your favorite meals daily. Every day your mother and your chef ask for the food options and cook you whatever you demand

  • Can’t go out late:

Most girls’ hostels in Lahore have strict timing you can’t enter the hostel or leave after 10. The hostel students can’t enjoy late-night parties or movies whereas girls living in their own homes can easily go out and enjoy parties after getting permission from their parents

  • No boy’s entry:

Girls Hostel in Muslim Town strictly don’t allow boys, either they are your brother, father, cousins or friend. Whereas you can invite anyone you want to your home.

Girls Hostel in Lahore
  • Manage work:

When at home your parents have the option to take care of all your needs, wash and press all your clothes, maids help in cleaning rooms, etc. In the hostel, you have to manage all your work by yourself. Wash your clothes, fold laundry, washing utensils, etc.

  • Boredom:

In the hostel you never get bored, there is always someone to talk to with the same mental level and energy but when at home when there is nothing to do you get bored. In the hostel, you don’t get bored but sometimes you miss your home people so badly that it makes you sad.


After going through the blog we get to know that hostel life is a bit tougher as compared to home life but still, it gives you exposure and worthwhile experience. You get to know the world better when in hostels. Hostel in Lahore life gives you confidence, a sense of responsibility, and how to optimally use all your qualities.

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