Cartoon Hello Kitty Drawing For Kid

Cartoon Hello Kitty Drawing For Kid

Drawing For Kid Given their fluffy bodies and adorable features, Kids Drawing explains why so many kids of all ages are enamored with these young kittens.

Drawing of Hello Kitty

Kittens have been a common theme in cartoon movies and TV programs for a long time. Youth Drawing For Kid The most well-known figures are Puss in Boots, Tom Cat, and Hello Kitty.

Because of their attractive traits, kittens make fascinating drawing topics. Fortunately, we have created a step-by-step tutorial that breaks down how to sketch a kitten into 9 simple steps.

These instructions can produce either an animated or realistic-looking cat.

Drawing Instruction

Every step has distinct illustrations you can use as a visual aid while following the instructions.

No matter how skilled you are at sketching, we are sure you won’t have any issues using these techniques. Additionally, you can improvise and add your unique style at every step.

To make your artwork unique, use any color scheme you like. Give your imagination free rein and let your thoughts take flight. Enjoy yourself, and use your creativity!

Let’s start by sketching a cat!


  • In the upper right corner of your paper, draw two triangular cat ears and connect them with a curved downward line. This shows the kitten’s two ears and the tip of its skull.
  • To accurately place the shape on the paper, draw a horizontal and vertical line across the page. When written properly, the guideline should divide your paper into four squares. The area in the upper right corner should ideally be highlighted.
  • Starting at the top right corner of your paper, you can draw the kitten’s entire face and body.


  • Outline the kitten’s face.
  • Starting just below the ears, draw lines down the kitten’s chin. The visage must be slightly wider at the button than at the top to draw attention to the kitten’s round cheeks.
  • Make careful to add sharp fur clumps to each side of the visage!


  • In stage three, draw the kitten’s front legs next.
  • Just below the muzzle, draw the kitten’s two front legs together. As shown in the image, drawing overlapping curved lines below the face will allow you to create the front legs.
  • The kitten’s chest-area hair should be highlighted to give it a fuzzy, furry appearance.


  • Sketch the lower half of the kitten’s body.
  • A downward-curving line delineates the kitten’s back and buttocks. The rear should be structured downward, and the bottom should be curved in a half-circle.
  • The outline should look like a downward slope, making the kitten appeared to be sitting down if it is drawn correctly.


  • Sketch the kitten’s hind legs. Next.
  • Draw a second curved line at the bottom of the first one to depict the kitten’s legs. After that, draw a leg with a paw immediately beneath the kitten’s bowed thighs.
  • Never draw lines to divide the claws on the kitten’s hand.


  • In stage six, draw the kitten’s tail.
  • On the cat’s lower back, add a lengthy, fluffy tail. Simply draw a curved sausage, as seen in the picture, to represent the tail.
  • However, please feel free to design your tail. Add thick clumps of hair to make the tail as furry as you’d like.


  • Describe the kitten’s interior ear.
  • Following the pattern of the kitten’s first step-drawn ear, create a triangular shape inside it.
  • This will highlight the ear interiors and give the kitten’s features a three-dimensional, lifelike appearance.


  • Now sketch the kitten’s mouth and nostrils.
  • Create an upside-down triangle on the bottom of the face with a middle point representing the kitten’s nose.
  • Then, immediately below the nostrils, draw two curved lines to define the mouth. The cat’s mouth should be shaped like the letter “w” curved up.


  • Finally, add the kitten’s pupils. Step 9. Just above the forehead, draw two upright oval forms separated from one another.
  • The pupils should have two more small oval shapes inside them. The side of the eyes should be hidden from the tiny areas inside the eyes to create the illusion of “glimmering eyes”.
  • Don’t be afraid to add facial characteristics you think would look fantastic. You can even add eyebrows and whiskers if you like!
  • The most exciting task remaining is adding color to your fantastic drawing. Here is where you can show off your creative prowess and color-combination skills.
  • Although puppies come in many colors, white, black, ginger, grey, cream, brown, cinnamon, and fawn are the most common. The fact that some kittens have unique patterns on their skin causes them to have more than one color typically. This gives you a variety of color options for your cat!
  • Please feel free to use any colors you like to color your kitten picture! Why not experiment with watercolor, brush pens, and other drawing supplies while at it?

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