The 7 TikTok trends that will make your videos viral

Going viral on TikTok is the dream of every teenager and their grandpa.

Fair enough. Being home to over 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok is the talk of the town.

From brands that are marketing their product launches to everyday people looking to become the next influencer, TikTok is getting attention from everyone.

This blog will share 7 TikTok trends to go viral on the platform.

Let’s dive in.

1.  Why You Asking All

The first trend in our list is asking questions without saying a word. In this trend, creators use their facial expressions and captions to ask interesting and intriguing questions about their fans, spouse, kids, and more.

This trend is so popular that it already has 530,000 videos created around this theme. Viewers are loving the honesty of the content creators.

2.   Hacker Trend

The hacker trend went viral in the November of 2022, with over 257,000 videos created so far. The trend uses the famous Greek track “Sirtaki” in the background while a hacker threatens to release your hacked photos from the phone gallery. You then tell them in a funny way that all the photos are pointless and that they can share if they want. The trend is an interesting transition from a supposedly critical situation into a sarcastic response to the dark geniuses.

3.  All Your’n Trend

This TikTok is all about sharing what you love in life and are happy about. The trend got over 220,000 videos created in November alone and is expected to continue the run in 2023. The trend uses the sped-up song of  Tyler Childers’s to brag about the things, seasons, and people that one loves in their life. Many TikTok creators are using their parents, kids, amazing places, and stuff they cherish and want to share this relationship with the users on the app.

TikTok is widely known as an app inspiring people to share what they do, feel, and love in their lives and inspire others too. This trend is a special way to express the love life of a person.

4.  It’s Time

A lot of times, we want to do something but have to wait for quite some time. This TikTok is just about that – finally, being able to do things we have been waiting for. While there are things that we do out of no prior plans, and we just fell in love with it. Both ways, you get a chance to be creative and share something that you finally enjoy doing.

TikTokers have created over 87,000 videos so far with this trend. A creator screams, “It’s the time” when they start doing something they eagerly wait for many days, for example. This trend involves funny and unusual things that many of us don’t normally share with others.

5.  Calm Down

Perhaps the biggest breakthrough trend on TikTok in 2022, Calm Down is a way to express your dancing skills, invite surprising remarks, or just make people laugh.

The trend has been warmly welcomed by the TikTok community with over 2 million TikToks created so far. If you use TikTok on daily basis, then you would have watched a couple of videos with an excerpt from the song “Calm Down” from the famous rapper “Rema”.

This trend revolves around simple dance moves and shaking your body in a public setting in front of people. Creators have shot videos in street restaurants, elevators, and in their bedrooms.

6.  “Maybe I am in love”

This trend offers a funny and creative way to express your love for your friends, family, and spouse. The trend caught 247,000 videos so far and it uses an evergreen sound that people love.

This trend is super popular with young couples, while mature parents are also posting videos with their newborns. Elderly users are also creating TikToks to show their long-lasting love for each other.

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7.  “If I was a …”  

This is perhaps the hardest TikTok trend to make videos with, requiring good editing skills and a lot of creativity. Creators use this trend to tease their audience to guess what they could be doing if they had the choice. The audience has to guess by watching the visuals in the background.

Many content creators start the videos by showing “If I was an animal, I would be” to let the viewers guess the animal the creator would want to be. The video follows the picture of the animal, which is the answer to the question.

Final Words:

TikTok offers the unmatched potential to gain the attention of a global audience that relates to sounds, themes, and trends.

It only takes one viral TikTok and you are a global star. We have covered 5 trends that can help you hit your first or next viral video.

Following trends is a shortcut way to go viral on the app and start building your fan community. As a new account and budding creator, you can use reliable services like likesforyou to buy likes and give a boost to your TikTok profile and grow faster.

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