Cable Protection Tapes and Tiles: A Comprehensive Guide

cable protection tile tape

Together with a strong utility protection system for underground cable and pipeline protection, which comprises medium, low, and high voltage power networks operating at 11kV and 33kV, cable protection tiles and covers are critical and in high demand in the market. We can fulfill any printing preferences and needs with the Stokbord and Tape tile product categories. The cable protection tile tape devices are made of a printed warning laminated to the base material’s surface, providing a clear visible notification of the subsurface utility services. The goods are designed to comply with Energy Network Association Technical Standard (ENA-TS) 12-23, Issue 3 2013.

Tape tile, cable protection tape

The Tape tile Protection tape product’s principal objective is to offer people with a clear visual warning about underground cable connections or cable ducts during excavation work. They are manufactured of reconstituted low- or medium-density polyethylene or a related polymer that has been demonstrated to be rot-resistant and resistant to a wide range of virgin and tip soil conditions. The pattern is red or brown with black writing on a yellow background. Cable laying contractors place this over the cable trench to allow area for simple and quick protection of low and high voltage street lighting and underground power line up to roughly 11kV. These tiles are also excellent for protecting and covering subsurface water and gas lines.

  • Electric, gas, and water uses for subterranean tape tiles
  • Electric: red/brown backdrop with black text and yellow tape
  • Fiber optics: green background with black writing
  • Gas: yellow background with black text
  • Blue with black writing against a water background.
  • Provides a clear warning to other parties regarding underground wires and pipelines.
  • Includes a conspicuous warning with the brand logo for easy identification of the cable.
  • Reduces LV-HV cable damage, lowering repair costs.
  • Portable and easy to install in all weather conditions.
  • Sturdy and collision-resistant
  • Rustproof and resistant to a variety of soil conditions

Cable protection covers

The main objective of the Protection tile product is to clearly warn excavation and utility workers to the presence of underground cables, cable ducts, or cable couplings. They fulfill the Class 2 impact resistance test standards set for enabling cable cover connections, each of which has a pre-drilled 12mm hole located 25mm from either end of the cover along its midline. An adequate peg or cable tie is provided to allow coverings to be linked to one another.

Because we collaborate with major cable warning tape tile providers, you can have particular text printed on the cable protection tapes to meet your demands. In addition to the warning sign, you may print your company’s logo and other signs on the Cable Tile. We offer a variety of underground cable protection tiles in varied widths, diameters, and energy resistance to meet the needs of our customers. Although several materials can be utilized to make cable tiles, two well-known cable tiles that are popular with customers are concrete and polyethylene. provides polyethylene cable tiles around the UAE. Heavy power cables and optical fiber are ideal applications for our roads and utilities.

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