Steam Deck Handheld Gaming Console 256GB Performance 2023

Handheld gaming consoles have been taking the world by storm because now you don’t need to carry a massive laptop to play games like GTA 5, God of War, or Elden Ring. You can play all of these games on the small screen of a portable gaming device. There are several handhelds for steam games in the market nowadays but the one that I’ve found the most useful and fun is the Steam Deck handheld gaming console 256GB. Now, they do have a 64GB variant but we all know that it’s too low for a device that needs to run 70 or 80GB games 😅.

However many people are concerned that Steam Deck‘s performance won’t be up to the likes of Nintendo Switch. I’ve played games on it for the past month and I can assure you that’s not the case because I’ve played games on both of the devices and the Deck outshined the Switch. Many of my friends agree with this statement as well but you don’t have to believe it at face value.

Therefore, here are the topics that you’ll need to go over to understand the performance capabilities of this gaming console.

  • What specs does it come with
  • Gameplay performance of the Steam Deck handheld gaming console 256GB

With that said, let’s start by discussing the specs of this particular model of Steam Deck.

What Specs Does It Come With

It’s no surprise that a device that is made to run all the latest and heavy-duty games comes with some of the best possible specifications found in any console. Nearly all the latest gaming consoles out there have good specs because otherwise, no one would buy them.

I’m mostly a PC gamer so know how much tinkering I would need to do with the system to run some gamers 😅. The graphics card that I’m currently using on my PC is the GTX 1060 which is a pretty decent card. However, the graphics and gameplay of late games have also become quite demanding. 

I couldn’t even play God of War 2019 on my system because the specs were on the lower end of the required spectrum. Nevertheless, I’m trailing off. What I want to say, the latest gaming problem requires the latest technology and the Steam Deck 256GB has got everything you’ll need.

Here are some of the specs of the 256GB variant that I’m sure will catch your eye.

1. Display

If you measure the screen of this handheld gaming console diagonally, you‘ll see that the overall display size will be 7 inches. It’s a quite reasonably sized display when you compare it to other handhelds. 

It also has a resolution of 1280 x 800 giving you an aspect ratio of 16:10. Plus, it uses an IPS LCD panel for enhanced readability that can offer a 60Hz refresh rate. 

2. CPU & GPU

Now the CPU used in the Steam Deck handheld gaming console 256GB is a Zen 2 which is one of the best processors in a handheld device. I’ve seen many other handheld gaming consoles with much worse processors.

Complimenting the CPU, the GPU used in this device is an 8 RDNA 2. It’s an AMD GPU that really improves the overall gaming quality. These two chipsets are the reason why it’s the best gaming console in the world.

3. Battery

Since the Steam Deck 256GB is a handheld device, it needs a portable battery. Unlike a PC, you won’t really have to be stuck to a wall socket. Granted, you would eventually need to plug in the device to keep using it while playing but it still mitigates how long would you need to do that 😅.

According to IGN, the Steam Deck comes with a massive 5,313 mAh battery which can easily give you gameplay time from 2-8 hours. I don’t really have to know how much the battery capacity of this gaming console really is but what I can say with surety is that the gameplay time given is mostly accurate.

Depending on your usage and what type of gamer you choose the battery can easily last you a couple of hours while you game on it.

Gameplay Performance of the Steam Deck Handheld Gaming Console 256GB

The specs that I mentioned above are quite good and all of that shows in the overall gameplay that I experienced with this device. I tested two of my favorite games on the Steam Deck handheld gaming console 256GB. One of them is GTA 5 and the other is God of War 2019.

Even before buying the console itself, I knew that these were the games that I wanted to test out. GoW 2019 because it’s one of the most recent and most heavy games that I like while GTA 5 because you can tinker with the settings much more.

When the time came to play both of the games, I was shocked. The overall gameplay and performance of this device were truly amazing. Granted, there were a few things that I had to tinker with but it didn’t affect the overall gameplay at all. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit it but the gameplay on this gaming console was better than on my PC 😅.

Plus, the feel of this gaming console was also one of the best that I’ve felt. It doesn’t tire your hands as much and you can play it for much longer. That’s why if anyone asks for my recommendation for the best gaming console in the world, my answer would be the Steam Deck 256GB variant.

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