3 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to the iPhone 14 Pro Max

iPhones have long been one of the top-selling smartphones globally. Ever since the debut of the very first iPhone, according to a preliminary estimate, roughly 2.24 billion iPhones have been sold globally. That’s a significant amount given that these are merely the new iPhone users. There are some people that choose a used iPhone since it’s cheaper and delivers a fantastic performance. Yet, you can’t keep on using the same one forever, and with the arrival of the new iPhone 14 Pro Max, things have been stirring up.

As I’m now using a used iPhone 12 Pro, I can appreciate the attitude of most iPhone consumers. Buying a new iPhone in Pakistan is no easy chore since not only is there a worry of being cheated, but also the dread of spending a great amount of money on a smartphone. Both of these concerns may be remedied if you buy from Wise Market Pk (more on that later) (more on that later). Moreover, the new 14 Pro Max is something altogether different, and there is a reason why we should look at upgrading to it.

Hence, to arrive to a judgment about buying 14 Pro, below are some things you need to realize.

  • 3 amazing things about iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • Should you buy it in Pakistan

With that said, let’s start by covering the amazing aspects of the 14 Pro Max.

3 Amazing Things About iPhone 14 Pro Max

Apple truly understands how to serve its consumers by launching one-of-a-kind iPhones. A year ago, they debuted a fantastic smartphone that many of my friends purchased. This phone was the new iPhone 13 Pro Max. Apple certainly made sure to keep up the trend by producing the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

They’ve always been consistent with their devices. Even though I’m using an almost 2.5-year-old phone, the tech employed in the phone may even match the likes of many Samsung mobile phones.

From what I’ve experienced while using the 14 Pro Max, the phone is well worth your money but don’t take my word for it. There are several prominent tech reviews like Mrwhosetheboss and MKBHD that say that it’s likewise an outstanding phone. The only phone that I believe can truly trump this phone is the freshly announced Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Nonetheless, we’ll explore that phone in great detail in another post.

With that stated, here are some of the wonderful qualities of the 14 Pro Max.

Amazing Camera

iPhones have always made sure to be one step ahead when it comes to producing beautiful images or movies. For many years, no other smartphone was able to come close to the photography quality of the iPhones. Even the used iPhone 12 Pro that I’m presently using as my primary phone has such excellent photo quality that it impresses me.

The same is also true for the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which comes with a triple camera arrangement where the primary camera lens employs a 48MP which is quite a large leap from 12MP cameras. It catches far crisper results, and who can forget the Deep Fusion?

It also comes with additional fantastic features like the Adaptive True Tone flash, Smart HDR 4, Lens correction for the Ultra Wide lens, and much more. Moreover, it can also capture 4K movies in different FPS ranging from 24 FPS to 60 FPS.

Better Durability

If you bought an iPhone roughly 6 to 7 years ago, then you know that taking care of the phone was a genuine hustle. I mean, you shouldn’t expect to simply chuck the phone on the bed and expect it to operate perfectly afterwards😅. I vividly remember the day when I dropped my friend’s iPhone 7 Plus on the grass, and the screen began to flash white light.

To be honest, I was terrified out of my mind at that moment. After coming to my senses, I apologized to him passionately, but to my amazement, he seemed relaxed with what was occurring. If that were my iPhone on the floor, I would’ve started going wild.

Thankfully, that’s the problem of the past since today iPhones are considerably more robust. As you might’ve suspected, I’m a little harsh when it comes to utilizing a smartphone. I abused the iPhone 14 Pro Max that had for a few days a little brutally, and if anybody had seen how I handled the phone, they would’ve began to beat me up😅. Yet, there were no markings, scratches, or other obvious item on the phone.

Batter Battery Performance

Even though this iPhone doesn’t have a 5,000 mAh battery, the overall battery performance of the phone was simply excellent. According to the official Apple website, this phone can survive for 29 hours on video playing.

I don’t really know how much of it is accurate, but when I consider that over the week that I had it, I only charged the phone around 4 times at most, I believe that it’s a realistic bet. By having such strong battery performance, you can also limit the amount of charge cycles that the phone needs to go through, which will, in turn, provide you greater battery health.

These variables are quite significant if you want to use the phone for a few years. Additionally, if you get the 14 Pro Max as a used mobile phone, you may still receive great adequate battery health.

Should You Buy It in Pakistan

The issue is should you purchase the iPhone 14 Pro Max in Pakistan? If you have the money to invest on such a phone, then I do suggest it since it truly outshines all of its predecessors.

The place that I suggest to purchase this phone is Wise Market Pakistan. They have loads of great smart gadgets. Additionally, I heard they’ve also begun to offer Steam Deck. Hence, please give Smart Market Pakistan a visit to obtain the lowest pricing for 14 Pro Max.

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