Best Travel Tips for Dubai 2023

New Year, new adventures! Dubai is one of the nine cities in the country of the United Arab Emirates. According to statistics, around 12 million people visit Dubai every year. The hype increases every year with new additions to the city. 2022 was all about the Expo and Shopping Festival. Fresh concepts like the Aya Universe exhibition at the Wafi Mall fascinated many tourists and the natives. People favor Dubai and return there frequently because it provides them with a high level of comfort and homeyness. We are here to give you a few travel tips if you are planning to visit Dubai. 

Visit During Winter Months

The best time to visit Dubai is from November through January. The weather is fabulous, with a drop in temperature to 16 degrees. You can peacefully visit all the places, even at noon. Another reason to visit during the winter months is that the major events and festivals happen during that time. The city is filled with joy and energy. It is better to choose the right trip advisor to help you with Dubai tour packages from India. The Global Village opens in October, and there are winter markets in various parts of the city. The Desert Safari is best during the winter since the weather is best at night in these areas.  

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Use Public transportation

Public transportation is the best part of Dubai. Metro stations are located in most areas. They are very convenient and safe. They are much cheaper compared to private vehicles. You can experience the entirety of the city by traveling through public transit. There are also separate tourist buses that will take you through the major sights of the city. Taxis are found everywhere across the city, which is also relatively cheaper. 

Know the basic rules 

Although Dubai is a relatively new city with few rigid rules, there are some things you might not be aware of. Read through the major rules and restrictions just to be aware of them. There are no dress restrictions in Dubai. You can wear whatever you want, although for women, there are times when extremely revealing clothes might not be allowed on roads and in public places. 

Use an entire day for a desert safari.

One of the best things to do in Dubai is go on a desert safari. It is best to set aside an entire day for this while you are planning your itinerary. It takes more than an hour to reach the desert, after which you will be taken for jeep dune bashing. After this, you have bike rides and a camping night. To enjoy it in its entirety, it is best to try all of these. The safari ends with dinner and alcohol, if you prefer. 

Shopping spree

It is impossible to not go on a shopping spree when you visit Dubai. The locations where you buy the things you need, however, are what really matter. Few items might be too expensive at the malls; therefore, you can prefer hypermarkets like LuLu. It is best to make a list of things that are a necessity so that you can ask people around for the best places to get them. If you are planning on purchasing gold, know how many kilograms are allowed and do not forget to collect the VAT at the airport. 

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