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I have no doubt that you have a Facebook addict working for your company, no matter how big or little it is. However, if you don’t already have one, I recommend that you get one immediately because of the wonders it may work for your company. Why be the only runner who can’t live without Facebook? These days, almost all businesses have online profiles and sites, as the world is becoming increasingly digital and businesses that hope to remain competitive must embrace content development prof. The coolest approach to promote your brand to an audience you didn’t know existed is to advocate for the use of digital marketing.

However, this requires the correct Marketing, which can only be achieved by choosing the best firm. Therefore, I have compiled a list of the top 10 digital marketing agencies in Kolkata to assist you in growing your business online.

These businesses are on the cutting edge of digital marketing and business development, making them ideal for anyone seeking a career in the field.

Work for them

Before submitting your application using the careers at Digiad Solution Private Limited form, please ensure you have read the careers at Digiad Solution Private Limited pre – basics.


Introducing the Business Pinstorm, which was created in 2004, is now one of the most advanced digital advertising agencies in the world. They advocate for a holistic brand strategy that incorporates “stoner experience,” “exploration,” “web design,” “mobile- friendliness,” “advertising,” “viral videos,” “search optimization,” “Facebook juggernauts,” “Twitter updates,” “real-time listening and reactions,” and more.

Services include marketing via search engines, social media, optimization for search engines, viral marketing, management of an organization’s online reputation, and more.

India (Mumbai and Delhi), Southeast Asia (Singapore and Kuala Lumpur), Europe (Zurich and Santa Clara), and Central America (San Francisco and Mexico City).

Disney, Yahoo, Canon, HSBC, Café Coffee Day, ICICI, ET Now, GQ, and a slew of others are among the list of satisfied customers. Jobs in their industry Do you wish to join the Pinstorm team? Take a look at their resume.

Consult Wat

Introducing the Business WAT Consult is an all-inclusive digital firm that can help with every stage of the value chain, from launching a brand digitally to building the company’s online presence to generating leads and closing agreements.

Providers of a wide variety of Internet-related services, including Online Advertising, Social Media Advertising, Search Engine Marketing, Mobile Advertising, Analytics, and Promotion of Online Videos.

Customers in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore come from places like Nikon and Warner Bros. as well as Phoenix Market City and PVR Films and Sony Six and Godrej and Only and Vero Moda.

Awards IAMAI Digital Award for Stylish Social Media Campaign; Youth Marketing Award for Lead Grounded Hunt Campaign (Jack & Jones); DMAi Gold Award for Lead Grounded Hunt Campaign (Reliance Group Best Seller Group)

True to its name, the company pioneered the first comprehensive online marketplace for digital marketing solutions. The comprehensive approach is meant to meet the needs of the expanding startup community, as well as small and new businesses around the world. Their entire business is predicated on a commitment to quality. By providing high-quality digital marketing services at reasonable prices, it aims to fill the gap between employing an agency and hiring a freelancer or even a hand.

Services Intellemo has standard its digital marketing offerings while yet allowing for a high degree of customization via the use of variants. Services include Google Ads, Social Media, Website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Content Creation, Creative Services, Influencer Marketing, Electronics Commerce, Lead Generation, and Robotic Process Automation in Marketing.

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