How to Properly Dispose of Old Tires in Compliance with State Laws

old tires

Our lives are incomplete without tires. They are essential for our daily lives. The life expectancy of tires is also dependent on how frequently you use them. It’s important to properly dispose of tires once they have become too old or worn-out. This blog post by Commercial Dumpster Tulsa will explain how to dispose of tires legally in your state, and any applicable laws.

Illegally disposing of old tires

Many states have laws that prohibit illegally disposing tires. California’s penalty for illegal tire disposal includes a $500 fine and up six months imprisonment. You will also likely have to remove illegally dumped tires. Some states are more stringent than others. Ohio, for instance, reports that you could face fines of up to $10,000- $25,000 and up 4 years imprisonment.

Legally disposing of old tires

There are several ways to legally dispose your tires. You can sell your tires to a tire dealer if they are in good shape with no cracks or punctures. Dealers often accept tires that are old and worn out for recycling.

The mechanic may take care of disposing of your tires if you have new tires. This fee will be included in your service line items. Pay the additional fee if you purchase new tires. Tire haulers and landfill operators remove and dispose of tires. When you purchase new tires, the dealer will take your old tires away for a small fee. The tire dealer will determine the fee.

You can also bring your tires to licensed scrap tire facilities. Dropping off your tires may incur a fee. Call ahead to get the exact cost.

You can also check with your local tire dealer or recycling center to find out if they have any suggestions. Although you can call a local waste hauler to have your tires removed, the cost is likely to be more than going to a mechanic to dispose of them.

Can I place tires in curbside waste collection?

Tires should not be left on the curb. Tires should be taken care of. If your tire is not salvageable, don’t throw it in the trash or take it along to bulk waste collection. In the United States, cars produce around 246 million tires every year.

Can I throw tires in a dumpster?

You shouldn’t put your tires in a dumpster. These units can only take out items from within homes and businesses. They cannot handle tires. You could be jailed if you are caught illegally dumping tires in a dumpster.

There are laws in many states that prohibit illegally disposing tires. Make sure to check the policies of your state. Below is a list with links to the various state agencies that deal with tire disposal.

Can I burn tires?

No! No! Toxic fumes such as sulfur dioxide or nitrogen oxide can result. These fumes can cause serious damage to the environment and respiratory problems in people who inhale them.

Can tires be recycled?

Yes, tires can still be recycled. Rubber and steel wire are recyclable in tires. You can recycle old tires that are worn out by taking them to a licensed tire disposal center or recycling center. About 76% of all scrap tires in America were actually recycled. However, this doesn’t mean that you can just place them with regular recycling. You must bring them to a facility that is capable of recycling tires.

Tires that are old can be used in creative ways

Old tires can be recycled at home to create anything from a tire swing or unique outdoor chair. Tires can also be used to make a planter, a swing or a unique outdoor chair.

Residential friendly dumpster hope you find this article helpful in identifying the best ways to dispose of your old tires.

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