What Is A Portable AC In A Car And Their Disadvantages?

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Portable ACs in a car are trending nowadays, and today, in this space, let’s discuss the same along with the disadvantages attached.

What is a portable AC in a car?

The portable AC in a car can pull out the hot air and transfer it outside. Also, it is used to pull out the excess humidity from space and release it to the outer environment. Three major units in the portable AC help it to accomplish the purpose it has been bought for.

There is a refrigerant, facilitating heat transfer. The compressor present within is responsible for compressing the refrigerant and changing it from liquid to gas. Finally, a fan does move the air over the air conditioning coils, transferring humidity and heat.

The fan sucks the humid and hot air from the room about to be treated into the air conditioner. Now the hot air inside the AC gets cooled due to the condensing coils. Further, the condenser coils are also capable of extracting moisture and humidity from the air by cooling it until the time it becomes only water vapour.  

The hot air from the car is transferred to the refrigerant, running through the AC coils. Finally, this ends up heating the refrigerant and transforming it into a gas of high pressure that travels through the AC unit.

The collected moisture from the air evaporates or gets collected by the system, removing the outside humidity. Now, you can see the compressor’s refrigerant getting compressed, enabling heat transfer. The heat generated by the compressor and other related components gets vented outside. That is why the portable AC ends up with an exhaust hose.

Pro Tip: To enhance the working conditions of your portable AC, make sure to never miss out on the servicing part and consult with the mechanics. They will help you with the needfuls and essentials, just as a professional providing online exam help does.

What are the advantages of a portable AC in a car?

The advantages of a portable AC in a car goes as the following:

1.It is easy to move: Because of its portable nature, it gets easy to move the AC from one place to the other. And because it is being used in a car, you can have the place adjusted as required.

2.Easy to install: Most portable ACs are easy to install in a car and have user manuals attached to them. You can also call a mechanic and ask them to do the needful. If you are not ready to seek professional help, youtube videos are also available.

3.Simple to operate: The operational part is quite easy, and it does not take much for you to learn “how to operate a portable AC in a car?” Driving a car is not at all easy, and you require to keep a lot of things in mind. In such a scenario, installing a portable AC makes things easy.

4.Compatible with multiple car types: It does not matter which car you are driving. The portable AC is compatible with all. This way, there is no added pressure on you to buy a new car just because it does not have an AC.

5.Can run while the engine is off: With the rising price of petrol and diesel, it is tough to maintain a car and to keep the AC on, which makes it even more problematic. Now, with a portable AC, you do not have to face those problems and can run the same when your car’s engine is off.

What are the disadvantages of a portable AC in a car?

1.While there are multiple advantages to the portable AC, certain disadvantages cannot be neglected.

2.The portable AC requires regular cleaning: When using a portable AC in your car, it must be cleaned regularly. Otherwise, dust and fungus will bring down the longevity of the same.

3.There is a huge noise that you will have to bear in a portable AC, and there is no way you can get rid of the same. So when you have someone else in the car with you or there is an incoming call, the portable AC gets embarrassing to handle.

3.The particular loses out on the energy quickly, and at that time, it gets difficult to handle. Like, you are on your way to an event, and midway, the portable  AC runs out of power, causing you to halt. Now you are all sweaty and cranky.

4.Also, you need to be careful with the cooling capacity of the AC and the volume of the car. If the same are not in sync, it will take a lot of time to cool.

5.When you are not draining the water out of a portable AC regularly, it will cause the water tank to get filled. Now the entire thing will get heavy and also difficult to move.

6.Portable ACs are not that great for too hot weather, and you might have to keep servicing and spending money on the same.

Shall you buy a portable AC for your car?

Well, the decision is completely on you. And for that, make sure to read and re-read the advantages and disadvantages  But overall, if you are not intending to buy a new car as of now but still want to have the luxury of a car with an AC, then the portable car AC will be a good option. But make sure you have your options thoroughly compared, and there is not a single essential feature you are missing out on.  

Final Thoughts

With a portable AC in your car, it gets a lot easier to maintain and save battery power. However, it does require external maintenance and you being thoroughly accustomed to the usage part for things to be at a level.

Author Bio: Chris Brown is a mechanical engineer by profession, living in London, the UK. He has also been offering online assignment help for the past four years during his free time.  Recently, he joined the core team of pay for assignment websites as a subject matter expert.  

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