Moissanite Is the Superior Option

In terms of look, moissanite and diamonds seem to be quite comparable to one another. While it’s true that moissanite has many of the same positive qualities as diamonds (including beauty and durability), it also has its own set of advantages that have contributed to its popularity in recent years. Please read on as I list the four most compelling arguments for choosing moissanite over diamond when it comes to a ring for a special occasion.

Diamonds are more expensive.

The average cost of a wedding in the United States is now over $35,000. Like getting married, the costs associated with housing, transportation, and maintenance add up quickly. Nowadays, many engaged couples opt for moissanite rings for engagement , the more affordable engagement ring stone, in order to stretch their wedding budgets as far as possible. You will many affordable options for engagement rings for both men and women on tungsten carbide rings for guys 

More clarity

Moissanite is considered to be eye-clean, or perfect to the naked sight. All of the diamonds that make it through our exhaustive inspection process have the maximum possible clarity.

The Moissanite Is Sturdy And Lasting.

The fact that diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring mineral on Earth has contributed to their increasing value over time. That implies, with proper care, they can be passed down through the generations indefinitely. This also means you can wear them regularly without worrying about excessively harming the stone.

Moissanite is Eco-Friendlier

It has a low impact on the environment. Even though moissanite can be found in nature (it was discovered in Arizona in 1893) it is a very rare gem. This is why all commercially available moissanite nowadays is produced artificially in a laboratory. Compared to mined stones like diamonds, the carbon footprint of gemstones created in a laboratory is much smaller. Since mining is unnecessary, there will be no resulting damage to ecosystems from the construction of dams or the rerouting of rivers, and no hazardous waste pits will be left behind.


Since diamonds were historically used as currency, the term “conflict-free” was created to refer to the regulated export and import of goods from areas of conflict. According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), “now 99% of diamonds in the marketplace are conflict-free” due to the implementation of the Kimberley Process.

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An aesthetically pleasing narrative.

From deep space, a little amount of silicon carbide falls to Earth as microscopic crystals. After its astonishing discovery in the 1800s and the subsequent century of futile attempts to duplicate its beauty, the world patiently awaited the arrival of the first moissanite gemstone. And while you seek your goal, you have settled on a jewel whose splendor you can feel but whose true beauty represents much more.

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