Popular Engagement Ring Designs

One of the most crucial aspects of purchasing an engagement ring is the style. Your priceless diamond ring is a reflection of your or your significant other’s style. There are many different colours, settings, and builds to select from, whether you want something traditional, contemporary, retro, or utterly experimental and one-of-a-kind! Here are a few of the most well-liked ring designs that we love!

Solitaire Wedding Band

The most common type of engagement ring is a Solitaire rings. On a straightforward platinum or gold band, this traditional style showcases a single stone, typically a diamond set in four or six prongs. Solitaires are classy, understated, and classic, and their simplicity is what draws customers in.

Even though these rings are quite simple and timeless, you can change minor aspects to suit your tastes and financial situation. Some choose to engrave or put a relatively little diamond on a narrow, tapered band to make it appear larger, while others choose thicker bands.

Halo Wedding Band

A central stone is encircled by smaller diamonds in a halo ring, giving it an additional sparkling and exquisite appearance. The central stone appears larger and more prominent due to the smaller diamonds.

A classic solitaire is updated with a halo ring. The halo setting has, however, seen a lot of innovation over the years. Some versions now include square stones, pear- or oval-shaped diamonds, or colourful gemstones like blue sapphires or rubies.

Engagement Ring with Three Stones

The three-stone rings have a diamond in the centre and two more diamonds on either side. The three stones are thought to hold immense sentimental importance because they stand for the relationship’s past, present, and future. The most popular options for the centre stone in a three-stone ring are princess and round-cut diamonds. About half as much carat weight as the centre diamond is shared by the two side diamonds. The settings for the diamonds include a prong, basket, and bezel.

Split-shank wedding band

A band in a split shank ring splits as it approaches the centre stone. These engagement rings direct is among the contemporary designs. As it helps to visually balance the diamond, this design of Engagement Rings Direct is a wonderful option for elongated centre diamonds like pear, oval, and marquise shapes. Micro pave diamonds can be added to the band of these split shank rings to further enhance their exceptional and opulent appearance.

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Wedding sets

A bridal or wedding set is made up of an engagement ring and a wedding band that go well together and have a uniform appearance. When purchased separately, wedding and engagement rings can be challenging to exactly match, especially if the ring is extremely unusual or ornate. However, a bridal set guarantees that the two rings fit together flawlessly. Additionally, a bridal set and the groom’s wedding band are frequently coordinated.

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